Top 15 Signs it’s Time to Update Your Website

Are you having doubts about the effectiveness of your business website? Have you been experiencing a decrease in traffic or no traffic at all? Check out our key points below to see where your site ranks.

  1. It doesn’t view properly on a mobile device.
  2. With nearly 50% of website visits now being from mobile devices, mobile responsiveness is one of the top ranking factors for search engines. If your site is incompatible from tablets and phones, you could be missing out on big business.

  3. The information on the site is no longer correct or relevant.
  4. If your site is listing incorrect information or even worse, information that no longer adequately represents what it is that you do, it’s time for a change.

  5. You have no idea where the site is located, what the password is, or how to make changes to it.
  6. Red flag! Your website is the front page branding of your organization. If you’ve lost all access, it’s time to start a hunting expedition.

  7. You’ve thought about making some changes to the site, but got too busy to do anything about it … and that was two years ago.
  8. Not only does this mean that your site is outdated, it means that your customers are likely viewing you as outdated as well.

  9. Your text is difficult to read.
  10. Does your site read well? Can users simply glance at your website and easily find what they are looking for? Is your text the appropriate size? Text that is difficult to read or navigate very quickly can turn a user off. Ensure your font is legible, sized appropriately, and laid out in an organized fashion.

  11. You aren’t sure where your web form submissions go.
  12. Getting people to fill out a form on a website is tricky enough, but are you sending them into an abyss? Who is responsible for receiving these emails? Does your web form even work? Don’t let a lead slip through the cracks.

  13. What’s a web form?
  14. Oh boy.

  15. It has a copyright date from 5 years ago.
  16. In the fast paced world of design and technology, you always want to appear on top. What does it say about your company that you haven’t bothered to update your website in 5 years, if even just to change the date?

  17. The person responsible for maintaining the site is no longer with the company or you have no idea who it is.
  18. This is one of the most common issues we see. Either the person who managed your website internally has left, or you may have been working with a designer that you are no longer in contact with. Either way, having access to your website, hosting provider, and domain name should be top priorities in maintaining your company’s business reputation.

  19. When you google your company you see links to spam or have been notified through your hosting provider of a possible hack.
  20. Yikes! If you see your site associated with links like “” you’ve likely been hacked. And being hacked can go a long way to damage your reputation and possibly result in your domain being blacklisted from search engines.

  21. Your current site loads really slow. Like, really…really…really…slow.
  22. Google has been very vocal about acknowledging website speed as one of their top ranking factors.

  23. Your site uses Flash and graphics won’t display on an iPhone or iPad.
  24. If you are using Flash, it’s really time for an upgrade. Like 5 years ago.

  25. Your analytics tell you that you get very few visitors to your site or that they don’t stay on the site for very long.
  26. Analytics are a key way to understand who is visiting your site, how long are your users staying on your site, and what content are they viewing. If your analytics is telling you that people only stay on your site for a very short time it means your content isn’t keeping them engaged. Or even worse, are your analytics telling you that you no one is visiting your site?

  27. You have social media accounts, but they aren’t referenced on your website.
  28. If your website isn’t updated regularly, but you are active on social media, you could be missing out on a great connection to your clients.

  29. You have links or images that are broken.
  30. Search engines are all about ensuring when people visit your site you offer an engaging experience. If your site is constantly generating errors from broken links or broken images, your site rankings can be drastically affected.

Jessica Dohm

Jessica Dohm

Founder, Dohmain Designs

About the Author

Jessica is the Director of Digital Marketing and Owner of Dohmain Designs. She is a small business sales and marketing expert specializing in business growth through intelligent website design and sales & marketing automation.

Jessica is a Certified Infusionsoft Partner, marketing automation and CRM expert with over 15 years of professional sales and marketing experience. In 2011, she combined that experience with innovative website design and created Dohmain Designs. She has worked with biotech giants, overseen the digital marketing for a popular Discovery Channel hit TV series, and helped hundreds of clients grow their business. Prior to creating Dohmain Designs, Jessica worked in the fast-paced biotech sector focusing primarily on technical sales and marketing, as well as providing complicated sales-focused CRM training across various disciplines.

Jessica is a member of her local Rotary Club where she has previously served as the Membership co-chair and currently serves as the Public Relations chair. Jessica truly believes in the "Service Above Self" Rotarian philosophy and strives to dedicate her time and talents to helping others, both in her personal and professional relationships.

She is located in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area and works with clients all across North America. If you'd like to get in touch with Jessica, simply complete the contact form below.

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