Google Announces New SSL Requirements: What does this mean for you?

UPDATE!! (September, 2017): Google has announced the final rollout out date of the SLL enforcement as OCTOBER, 2017. Any sites without a valid SSL certificate will be marked as insecure.

Securing Your Site with SSL

A little over a year ago Google announced that it would start giving preferential treatment to sites that have a valid SSL certificate. As promised, that roll out has already begun.

As part of that rollout, they have also announced that sites without an SSL will start to be labeled as “Not Secure” in the Chrome browser and within Google search results.

The implementation of the warning label has already begun with sites that process credit card transactions and hold sensitive password information.

Here’s a picture of what that error looks like to current Chrome users:

Google Chrome Security Error

My site doesn’t process credit cards or hold password information, so why is this important?

This new rule IS important because eventually, every site not beginning with HTTPS – that includes your site – will receive the following warning:

Eventual error on all non-SSL sites

*error message images taken directly from Google’s security blog

Google has not issued a deadline for the complete implementation, but they have implied the change is imminent

(Updated September, 2017) Google has announced this rollout effective October, 2017 and has strongly advised that all sites, regardless of their purpose, switch to HTTPS by using an SSL certificate.

It is highly recommended that you take the proper action sooner, rather than later, to convert your site over to HTTPS by implementing a valid SSL certificate.

The Good News – The Cost:

The cost of the actual SSL certificate itself varies from host to host. Some hosts actually offer it for free, and some hosts charge for it. Luckily, it is a fairly low-cost item, typically less than $100/year.

What’s Involved?

Implementing the changeover from http to https is a multi-step process that involves acquiring the SSL certificate, validating your domain name, installing the certificate and making the necessary corrections to all the URLs (link addresses) within your website.

If you are unsure of how to go about transitioning your site, we can definitely help you out with that.

If you have any questions or would like a more detailed explanation of why this change is uber important for your site, just contact us below!

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