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CRM and Digital Marketing Automation Solutions Designed Specifically for Small and Medium Sized Businesses.

If you’re like many business owners, you simply do not have the time or staff to keep up with all the daily tasks of managing your business, staying organized and keeping on top of leads. But just because someone isn’t ready to buy RIGHT NOW, doesn’t mean they’ll never make a purchase…unless, that is, they forget about you.

That’s where we come in.

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Digital Marketing Automation Solutions

  • Fully Customizable CRM
    Organize and keep track of all of your contacts in one central location. Visualize contact history, monitor marketing efforts, and track sales – all at your fingertips.
  • Marketing Automation
    Stop sending out one-way email blasts and start targeting your contacts based on their unique activity. Segment and deliver your messages based on a contact’s action (or inaction) and nurture them down the path of becoming paying customers.
  • Sales Automation
    Understand what sales stage every current prospect is in and automate routine actions to saving precious time so your sales team can organize and focus on getting business done.
  • Analytics Reporting
    Always know where you’re business is at with customized reporting on important sales metrics.
CRM Sales Pipeline Management

Perfect for Businesses with…

Long-term Sales Cycles

Guide your prospects down the path towards making a purchase, provide valuable information that promotes your business as an expert in the industry, offer incentives and upsells at the right times to increase your revenue.

Seasonal Work

Out of sight is out of mind. Continue to grow your business during slow periods by promoting alternative off-season work, offering special promotions, and most of all – stay in touch.

Project-based Work with Multiple Stages

Organize your projects by what phase your clients are in in your unique business process, keep track of client communications, set reminders for important dates, and automate standard communications seamlessly.

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Trigger special promotions based on sales activity (or lack of), upsell, and offer special incentives – all automatically. Automate invoicing, accept payments online, and run abandoned cart campaigns to promote the completion of a sale.

Limited Sales and Marketing Staff

Limited staff resources? No problem. Automate your internal processes, segment your contact lists to market specific messages to targeted groups, and free up time for your employees.

Solo-preneurers and Entrepreneurs

Stop killing yourself trying to do it all. Organize your contacts, initiate marketing campaigns, keep track of important opportunities, and make business decisions based on awesome reporting and metrics.

Does Your Business Attend Trade Shows or Events?

- New Post-event Lead Nurturing Solutions -

The done-for-you fully customizable solution for handling trade show and event leads. Just plug in your unique messaging and branding, and start converting prospects into paying customers.

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One size does NOT fit all – that’s why we’ll customize your lead nurturing automation to fit your unique business needs, sales cycle, and customer behavior.

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Fully Customizable Lead Nurture Solutions

Don’t let another lead slip through the cracks!

  • Lead Nurturing

    Effortlessly build relationships with cold and warm prospects as you nurture them down the path of becoming paying clients, while your sales team focuses on current hot prospects.

  • Lead Segmentation

    Stop delivering the same message to every client! Direct leads down specific segmented paths based on a specific product interest, planned purchase timeframe, or any other criteria you specify.

  • Easily Import Existing Contacts

    Switching platforms doesn’t have to mean losing data. Infusionsoft’s simple CSV import feature allows you to take your contact list with you and start marketing right away to both new and existing contacts.

  • Automated Lead Scoring

    Monitor your clients’ engagement to identify potential interest even before they reach out to you. Get notified when clients reach a certain score, specify actions to initiate when a score goes up or down, be proactive and contact your client before they get in touch with your competition.

  • Track Email Engagement

    View whether your contact has opened, viewed, or interacted with your sent emails, and deliver content based specifically on their actions.

  • Website Integration

    Capture leads directly off your website with integrated contact forms.

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