Creating a Custom Opt-in Button in Infusionsoft

Yes! It IS possible to make your opt-in confirmation link a button in Infusionsoft!

Creating Your Own Custom Infusionsoft Opt-in Button

UPDATED 5/13/19

[IMPORTANT!!!]  Infusionsoft recently ran an update that unfortunately killed the functionality of the button, but there’s a new workaround. Follow the process and note the UPDATED STEP 5.  The video below still needs to be updated. When you get to the part of adding the button on the email, see STEP 5 below.

PRO-TIP: Watch the video tutorial!  It’s WAY easier than following the written instructions!

TIME REQUIRED: ~5-10 minutes (The post is long, but the actions from start to finish should take you less than 10 minutes.)

We all know that utilizing a double opt-in confirmation in our email marketing efforts is considered best practice, but if you’ve ever tried to implement Infusionsoft’s default confirmation sequence in the campaign builder, you’ve likely cringed when you saw the email you’re forced to use.

While you are able to edit certain sections of the Infusionsoft default confirmation email, the actual acceptance paragraph is locked. As in, you can’t even change the font (so I hope you like sending emails in Times New Roman.)

Wouldn’t you rather be able to construct an email with acceptance text all your own AND have your opt-in confirmation be an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, super clickable BUTTON?

Well, follow along my Infusionsoft friends, there is a way to go from this:

Infusionsoft default double opt-in
To this fully customizable solution:
custom Infusionsoft opt-in button

FULL DISCLOSURE: I take no credit for creating the steps in this tutorial. I’m just the Infusionsoft Certified Partner that was so frickin’ HAPPY to discover how to do this that I’m writing it up.  The real kudos go to Paul Sokol who wrote this guest blog post on creating unsubscribe links, and to Greg Jenkins, who passed the post along.  Even though we will be creating opt-in buttons, Paul’s post on how to deconstruct the link was just what we needed to get this to work.

Step 1:  Create a Custom Automation Opt-in Link

From the main navigation go to Marketing > Settings > Automation Links (from the left menu) > Create Confirmation Link button (be sure you have the right button)

create custom confirmation link

What’s Going On:  What we are actually doing in this section is creating a custom merge field.  We need this merge field to build out our custom link.

All you have to do here provide a “Name” for your link and hit Save & Close at the bottom.  This is for identification purposes only so you know what it is.

Optional:  You may want to modify the confirmation page users will see when the link is clicked by going onto the “Confirmation Page Appearance” tab at the top.  However, most users have found this pretty fruitless as there’s very little you can do to make this page look decent.

STEP 2:  Find Your Custom Opt-in Merge Field

So, what’s my merge field?  Yeah, exactly.  For some odd reason, Infusionsoft doesn’t actually prominently tell you what your merge field is.  You have to sleuth it out.

The easiest way to do that is to hover over the [Edit] link for your newly created opt-in, and look down on the bottom left of your browser to get the number.

In my example here, 10 is my magic number.  So, my Infusionsoft formatted custom opt-in link will be:  ~OptIn_10~

custom opt in merge field
The alternative way to find this number, is to click [Edit] on the link you just created and a new box pops up. The last few digits of the URL ending in ID=XX, where XX is your number. Again, here our number is 10.
custom opt in merge field iD

STEP 3:  Figure Out Your Hash Key

IMPORTANT:  Our eventual completed confirmation link URL is going to have the following format:

https://YOUR APPID.infusionsoft.com/app/optIn/OPTIN NUMBER/UNIQUE HASH/~EmailSent.Id~/~EmailSent.PartialHash~

Now that we have our opt-in number from Step 2, we need to figure out our hash key. The easiest way to do this is to send yourself an email using your custom merge field we created above.


    1. From within an Infusionsoft email (either in campaign builder or broadcast), paste in your merge field anywhere in a text section.  We are using ~OptIn_10~ for this example (make sure you use your own!)
    2. Send yourself the email
    3. Once the test email arrives in your inbox, check out the link to grab your hash (see example below).

HEADS UP! Make sure the “I” in ~OptIn_X~ is capitalized or your merge field won’t function.

PRO TIP! You don’t even need to save the email.  Once you’ve copied your merge field, simply send the email to yourself by using the “Test” function.  “Test” is located in the upper right hand corner.

BELOW:  The difference between the unsent email template and received email. On the right is the custom merge field inserted into an email template.  On the left is that same email template delivered to my inbox.

Optin test email

 Now, I need to grab my hash.  Since the side by side is a little small, here’s the full merge link blown up (hash is highlighted in green.)

Optin test email

STEP 4:  Get Your App ID and Build Out Your Custom Link

https://YOUR APPID.infusionsoft.com/app/optIn/OPTIN NUMBER/UNIQUE HASH/~EmailSent.Id~/~EmailSent.PartialHash~

We still need to locate our Infusionsoft app ID, which can be found when you are logged into your Infusionsoft account directly before infusionsoft.com in the URL (and it’s also that blurred out portion in the link from step above.)

ex: abc123.infusionsoft.com, where abc123 is your App ID.

Now that we have everything we need, all you do is put the pieces in place.

For our example, our custom link becomes:

https://YOUR APPID.infusionsoft.com/app/optIn/10/8e1a62d663dd3a75/~EmailSent.Id~/~EmailSent.PartialHash~

IMPORTANT!  Use the ~EmailSent.Id~/~EmailSent.PartialHash~ portion of the URL exactly how they are presented here.  This is what makes it work for every contact.  These should not be numbers in your final URL.

STEP 5 UPDATED:  Create Your Own Custom Opt-in Email with Opt-in Button

Now that we have our full link, we are ready to create our customized email opt-in.

From within the campaign builder or broadcast emails, simply select the email template you’d like to use (or create one). Then:

  1. Configure your confirmation text as you like
  2. Drag and drop a button A CODE BLOCK onto your email
  3. Paste in this linked code into your code block and modify as necessary:

    **Be sure you are using all your own information for app ID, opt-in number, and hash, and not the ones used in our tutorial!
  • Replace your custom URL in the URL field.
  • Replace “MY AWESOME BUTTON” with your button text.
  • To change the button color modify the background to your color’s HEX code.
  • To customize the size of the button, adjust the padding settings.
Creating a custom opt in button

STEP 6:  Test

Once your button is configured in Step 5, go ahead and send yourself a test email.  When you click the button in your received email you should be delivered to the confirmation page.  Verify the confirmed address is the email you sent the test to.

I highly recommend testing at least two different email addresses. 

NOTE:  Email addresses used must already be associated with a contact in Infusionsoft.

Confirmation page in infusionsoft

// Final Note //

Following best practices, and to ensure you remain in compliance with Infusionsoft’s regulations for the sending of emails and consent, please be sure to specify clearly what it is that your user is consenting to.

The purpose of this to tutorial is to allow some customization of our confirmation requests, not to entirely omit or misrepresent the terms under which our contacts are consenting.


That’s it. You have your Customized Infusionsoft Opt-in Button

I seriously cannot tell you how excited I am to be able to FINALLY customize an Infusionsoft opt-in button. I’ve been trying for years to figure this out.

So, again, special thanks to Paul Sokol and Gregory Jenkins for bringing it 90% of the way there.

If you are having trouble with the tutorial, or just need a little extra assistance, please feel free to hit me up in the contact form below. I can’t wait to hear from you!



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