10 Proven Ways to Effectively Manage Your Trade Show Leads

Don’t let a lead fall through the cracks. Check out our proven tips for managing your trade show leads and turning prospective clients into paying customers.


Send an Email Acknowledging Your Contacts as Soon as Possible

Don’t wait weeks or months after the event to send out some sort of message thanking your new prospects for stopping by. Your first communication should be sent within ONE week of returning from the show. In fact, some automated systems even allow you to scan a business card and upload into an automation sequence directly. Your contact could receive your message before the show is even over! Now that’s responsive.


Segment Your Hot Prospects

Immediately segment your hot prospects and contact them right away. Remember, it’s highly likely your contact was visiting with your competition and you need to beat them to the punch. Contact your hot prospects immediately to further qualify where their interests are.


Don't Ignore Your Cold/Warm Prospects!

Just because someone isn’t ready to make an immediate purchase doesn’t mean they’re not ever going to make a purchase. Don’t throw away that list!


Take Notes During the Show

Notate contacts as you interact with them. Keep track of what their interests are so you can specify your communications with them further along the line. You’ll meet a lot of people at the show and it’s common to think that you’ll remember “that one guy”, but chances are you won’t. Notate as you go.


Have a Long Term Communication Strategy

Set up a long-term nurturing strategy for your warm/cold prospects. Plan a sequence of emails to stay in touch and stay on their radar. Consider a sales and marketing solution like Infusionsoft.


Create Engaging Content

Create useful, engaging content to promote your message and brand image that focuses on THE CLIENT not you.


Consider Offering a Post-event Special Offer

Post-event offers make people feel like part of a special group and may be just what they need to tilt their decision making in your favor.


Have Awesome Customer Service

Practice awesome customer service by responding to all customer inquiries. We all know that nothing is worse than crappy customer service. Be sure you have a system in place that captures all of the communication from your contacts. If emails go to a general inbox be sure someone is responsible for answering them. Or better yet, capture your inquiries with a CRM that will record the inquiry and alert you.


Don't Forget About the Competition

Don’t forget people are shopping around. Be sure to ask who else they are considering so you know how to position your products/services. You need to be more responsive and better prepared than the other guys!


Consider Investing in a Sales & Marketing Automated Solution Like Infusionsoft

Use an automated system like Infusionsoft for efficient delivery of messages and long-term nurturing. Sales & marketing automation is an amazing way to handle lead nurturing and convert more leads into sales.

Check out this VIDEO for a great example of how lead nurturing can work for you.

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1. Check out this awesome VIDEO about trade show lead nurturing

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